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Done With It

Saw her this weekend and boy, it was amusing in a pathetic way. Rather than behaving in a civil manner to my face in a neutral public setting - which is the manner I act to her face even though I would love it if her face would disappear off the planet, she pretended I didn't exist. At first, I thought I was mistaken but I tested it a couple of times. If I approached people she was speaking to, she would look away and leave immediately. Feeling guilty much, bitch? She doesn't even have the balls to play nice or better, for me to tell her to her face exactly why I hope she gets the exact same amount of pain she has caused me through her lies and manipulation.
I'm done with her and with them. If they willingly tolerate her after what she did, they aren't people I want to be around.

You won, bitch. You cost me two friends with your neurotic inability to be alone. I hope you are happy for as long as it lasts - and I expect it will only last as long as it takes for him to wise up to you. I hope it isn't too long for his sake so he won't too miserable when it happens. And I hope it happens before you get bored and move on to your next nice-guy victim like you did the last 2 times.

Oh, and sucking up to the new girlfriend, excitedly making movie viewing plans in front of my face while pretending I don't exist; tacky, really tacky.

Posted by Marmy on March 12, 2007 04:22 PM


I'm sorry that you had to put up with this, but on the plus side, I am really glad that I ran into you afterwards.

It's been too long!

Posted by: Chris at March 12, 2007 10:36 PM