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Hello Mr. Splashypants

So Greenpeace had a vote set up to name a whale, I guess to get the public involved/interested in whales now that the Japanese have launched another "research" whaling team. This "research" involves killing whales considered endangered and the research material (a.k.a. whale meat) will probably show up on supermarket shelves or be fed to school children so they develop a taste for it.

So having the public name a whale gets them to feel a personal interest in that whale. Of course, the typical ethnic names were on the list but, of course, the whimsical internet just had to go for the laugh. I wonder if Greenpeace will honour the vote or just take a more "serious" name but just imagine how terrible it would feel to read "Mr. Splashypants Slaughtered by Japanese Whaling Expedition".

Posted by Marmy on November 30, 2007 03:02 PM