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My World

For the past few months, my world has narrowed down to school, work my time with TBIT and trying to stay healthy enough to to do all of the above. I've suffered from a bad downslide into depression for a while with the change of the season which I'm slowly climbing out of. With depression comes aches & pains, headaches, and stomach troubles. In addition, I've been food poisoned, had my usual migraines and now I have a bad head cold that is slowly evolving into a chest cold. I can feel a heaviness in my chest that wasn't there yesterday so by tonight, I'll be coughing my lungs up.

At school, we've finally moved into cooking stuff I'm interested in - pastry. I know how to make cookies and bread and even a decent pie crust. I know nothing about making puff or choux pastry or dainty little desserts. I'm looking forward to finally learning something entirely new.

Oh, I forgot. My world includes the cats. With my schedule having me out of bed by 6 on some days, I'm not allowed to sleep past nine on any other day, without getting a furry alarm clock visit.

Posted by Marmy on November 7, 2007 11:58 AM


My depression has been making me really angry these days..and a tad paranoid. Hang in there cookie girl. I love that cat piece. My sister in law sent that our way a week ago and I still laugh at it.

Hoping Davie liked the toast art.

Take care of yourself.

Posted by: M at November 9, 2007 01:12 AM