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Dear Bell Sympatico

Stopping slowing down my internet connection!!!!!!
In these days of on-line gaming, streaming radio and video and hell, even youtube, I'm going to be using the bandwidth I am paying for. You randomly slowing down my internet connection just makes me very very angry and pissed off to the point we are going to change our service provider. It should not take 5 minutes to download a 1 minute youtube video. I can not describe how annoying it is to be playing Warcraft to suddenly have my framerate drop to 5 frames and stay there - especially in the middle of a battle.
So Sympatico, here's the deal - either you put my connection speed back to where it should be and leave it there or you lose a customer who has internet, mobile and home phone service through you. Your choice.

Posted by Marmy on December 7, 2007 11:59 AM