November 15, 2003 Note to self: Mariachi Restaurant is a much better choice for Mexican food than Fiesta Azteca.
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November 14, 2003 A couple of months ago, Toast decided he wanted to try a few of the new digital specialty channels. He got TechTV for him, and Drive-In & BBC Canada for me. Well, I have watched more TechTV than either of the other two.

Three shows have really grabbed me: Call for Help, Screen Savers and X-play. Why? (When it comes to computers, I am among the near illiterate. Something goes wrong and I am yelling "Toast, your computer's f**king up again! I didn't do it!")

I had forgotten how addictive information is, especially daily live shows (Screen & Help) which means fresh information. I used to be the same with TLC and the Discovery Channel but my fascination waned. It is unlikely that I will ever chase tornados or do reconstructive facial surgery or build superstructures, but it is in the realm of possibility that I might build a PC. Applicable knowledge presented in an interesting manner. Ooooh, sexy.

X-play is a different case. I am not a hardcore gamer. I visited the arcade maybe twice growing up. Toast plays games that make me cringe (I have nightmares of the voices in Wolfenstein calling out pathetically "Medic!") So why am I so interested in a video game review show? It is not soley because there is a girl on it who actually knows what she is talking about (but it helps). It is not soley due to the comedic interludes. They show games I have no interest in ever playing far, far more often than games I might play but, still I watch and enjoy myself.

Me watching TechTv and finding it informative and entertaining. Who'da thunk it?
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A friend at work sent me a copy of the Minipops Quiz. No, not the 80's thing with prepubescent children singing Samanatha Fox or Madonna, the current British pixel pop/tv star thing. With the exception for a few very obscure British bands, I did rather well. I was the only one at work who guessed Mork and Mindy and not the White Stripes.
I think I recognized many of the tv personalities due to growing up without cable tv. Who knew that watching Rolf Harris singing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" or remembering Rod Hull & Emu on the Hudson Brothers show would actually come in handy...
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November 13, 2003 Gave myself two days off work this week as a birthday present. Aaaaah, not having to deal with the National people about the Liberal Convention, luverly.
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November 12, 2003 Photos from Accordian Guy's birthday party have finally been posted. This is my personal favourite. The black socks really give it that fashionista edge. What does one call that look? Hawaii Lumberjack?

Quite the bash. Had a ball. Suffered Toast's hangover for him on Sunday. Damn empathic powers.
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November 11, 2003 Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.
Groucho Marx
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Oh, this is just wrong. A random generator with an either/or choice format that will help nimrods think they have psychic powers. Does is say anywhere on the page where you should buy her book to help improve your psychic abilities?
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Although I think the idea is funny, the actual execution of it would just be cruel. Although, with some of the more obnoxious panhandlers, I might consider it.

Commit some random acts of kindness! I have developed an algorithm for this. The next time someone asks you for a quarter (or any small coin), take one out of your pocket, and toss it in the air. Heads, give it to them. Tails, put it back in your pocket, and tell them you haven't got any. Or whatever - remember, the important thing is to be RANDOM.
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My Horoscope for today, as published on the MSN Astrology page:

Your philosophy of life comes to you naturally, dear Scorpio. Others need to study, listen to experts, or sign on to various allegiances. You, on the other hand, already have a profound outlook on life that you surely inherited from your past experiences. It would be interesting for you to expand upon your philosophy a bit, and try to turn it into something concrete.
"Profound outlook on life" ? See my previous post

At, it is:

Can you avoid money? Today you may want to try! That's because today your judgment regarding the use of money is at below normal levels. Try putting off any major purchases or investments. You'll also want to avoid advising others how to spend their money. Tomorrow things will be back to normal
Pshaw! Money has been avoiding me for years! Nothing to worry about there.

But by far and away, my favourite is from Jonathan Cainer at stars.metawire:

Venus is moving towards an encouraging conjunction with Pluto. Remember the famous phrase 'too much of a good thing.' To those who don't have enough of a commodity, the notion that it is possible to suffer from a surfeit seems incredible. That's why the rich get little sympathy when they complain about their problems. Yet when you feel as if you have no right to bemoan your lot, your difficulties become even harder. In one sense, you are becoming very well off. Don't expect too much sympathy!
Yay! Bring on that too much of a good thing! I am due for a surfeit, hopefully of cash!
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I was thinking of starting a brand new weblog stating what I feel my position is in the grand scheme of things. With my usual panache and elan, I was thinking of calling it "A Fart In The Mist" however, TBIT hit me on the head and said he would have nothing to do with it. So here I am, still Marmalade Girl. Tho, secretly, I am calling myself Ginger Marmalade Girl. Spicy!
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