December 5, 2003 No, Santa didn't get run over by a reindeer. He just took a header off his sleigh, to the horror of small children watching. Is it really, really naughty to find this humourous in a very black way?
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'Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la lala la la
Is that too many or not enough la la's?

Christmas - the season when you evaulate your relationships with friends and families and try to put a price tag on them...Just how much money will I spend on so-n-so's gift? It is enough to drain one's will to live, not to mention one's bank account.

One of the good things about living in Toronto at Christmas time is the variety of stores I can shop in. The variety of stores that do not have outlets in say, Nova Scotia or Alberta. I can buy gifts that I know are not available elsewhere and the receiver can never find out how much I actually spent.

Not that I am cheap. I just have a great hatred for people who like to check the prices to see how much I spent on them - rather than seeing the thought behind the gift. They want to know the dollar value rather than realize the supreme effort it took for me to brave the crowds in the malls in order to get the damn thing. They prefer to think of things in terms of sticker price and not in terms of the toll on my sanity as I dodged down aisles, waited in lines and was forced to listen to Christmas carols for hours on end. The care and skill it takes me to think of what to get the other person; the tracing down the exact store I can find that item; the plotting of the route I can take to minimize the length of time in the shop before the actual going out and purchasing the gift - these things raise the value of the gift from the mere retail price to the realm of artistry. My Christmas gifts are the modern equivalent to Faberge Eggs.

Until I get fed up and say "Screw It! You're getting something from Shopper's Drug Mart."
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December 1, 2003 I am not really a fan of the "Get Fuzzy" cartoon but as I do my semi-daily reading of the newspaper and peruse the funnies page, I have become familar with it. In the past week, I have been severely weirded out by the fact the characters are visiting Nova Scotia, stopping in Halifax, somehow getting to Meat Cove before they get to Antigonish and to Cheticamp.

I think the writer meant Ingonish instead of Antigonish. Antigonish is on the mainland just before you cross the Causeway at Canso. Taking the Cabot Trail (Highway 19, I think) leaving Sydney, you hit Ingonish, Meat Cove and then Cheticamp. The writer gets points for *the exotic* but gets a few taken away for not doing his research.
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November 30, 2003 Last night was LOTR: MegaFest. I think I over did it. I went a little loopy cooking and I think, made everyone a bit nervous. I love cooking for a crowd and it has been sooooo long since I had that chance. I made my "gourmet pizza" and Leek-Cheese Lasagna Roll-up, my best chocolate chip cookies and a couple of lemon meringue pies.

There were lots of leftovers.*sigh* Am I loosing my cooking touch? Should I have warned people that when I say "I will handle the food" I mean "I will feed you like an Italian Grandma"? Oh, well.
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