December 18, 2003 I have discovered the real reason Saddam Hussein surrendered!!!!!
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December 17, 2003 BTW, for all you "Google" searchers: That girl from X-play is Morgan Webb. Thanks for dropping by. Do come again. Ta ta.
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F. came into the packaging suite this afternoon to thank us for the work we had just done for him. He said he wanted to thank us because we not only do the work but we always give him more than what he asked for and better than what he described. M. made it into a joke telling him "cash is always appreciated." But it got me thinking. A "Thank You" or a "Nice Work" sincerely meant is a very rare thing. Most of the time we get a "Thanks" thrown over somebody's shoulder as they leave the room. F.'s "Thank You" at the time didn't really register but it has been in the back of my head all day and somehow, today seemed less stressful. weird.
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Anybody know which store in I can find this candy in? I assume it is available in Chinatown but I would like narrow my search a bit. I was given a package while in Montreal and would really, really like to have it again. Please and Thank You!
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December 15, 2003 Sunday, 8:50am - the phone rings. Toast answers; the caller asks for me. Toast looks at the call display and sees it is from my workplace. He comes into the bedroom and shakes me awake, telling me it is work. I am not a morning person. I do not spring out of bed bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ever, but especially not during the morning and certainly not a weekend morning. The first thoughts in my head are "Am I late for work? Is it Monday? Why are you (Toast) bothering me?" I straggle out to the phone and hear my supervisor speaking "Hi, It's C. Sorry to wake you but if you were watching the news, they caught Saddam Hussein..." I interupt at this point and mumble "I was asleep" but even as I do so, I am wondering if I heard her correctly, not the Saddam part, the first part. She continues "We are about to do some updates and need you to come in, can you?" I have managed to open my eyes by now and am looking around. I see out the window - snowstorm. My brain rapidly calculates: I need a shower and a cup or two of tea, then I have to get there, which involves getting a bus but it is snowing and a Sunday so buses will be random... I tell her "I can be there but it will take a couple of hours." I hear the hesitation in her voice as she replies "Oh, okay. I will try some else." I mumble "Okay. You do that. Bye." She hangs up and I head back to bed with the realization that I have just made myself seem very un-team minded and I could just pulled on clothes and taken a cab. Oh well. I am just not a morning person.
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