January 2, 2004 Pray for me and may God have mercy on my soul...
I am off to bath the cats.
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December 31, 2003 Okay, for all you invitees to Fondue Fest '04 here is the tentative menu:
Chocolate Fondue with such dippers as:
shortbread cookies
pound cake
rice krispie squares
tangerine or clementine wedges

*warning - some foods might not be available due to the season but I will search damn hard.

Cheese Fondue with either beer or white wine (I have yet to decide on which recipe) with dippers like:
rye bread or pumpernickel
bagette slices
snow peas
coloured peppers

*veggies except mushrooms will be blanched lightly so they are not too crunchy/chewy

Beverages: People might want to bring their own favourites but will we be serving hot chocolate with your choice of peppermint schnapps, Irish cream, and I think I will pick up some Frangelico as I hear that is nice in cocoa. Also, we will be mulling some red wine and will have plain red and white wine on hand. Non-alcohol beverages will include hot chocolate with Starbucks peppermint syrup and some apple cider (which could be mulled), in addition to the usual water, milk, orange juice or soda.

If you haven't RSVP'd please do so. There are a couple of responses we are waiting for Rannie, J & Pracha, not to name names. Anything you can think to add to the above list or special requests, let me know. See ya'll there in the New Year

BTW, Rannie: Michelle is invited too if she would like to come.
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