January 21, 2004 I read once that in dreams, you are unable to either read writing or clocks. Some long winded explanation was given which I don't remember. Well, in my dreams last night I proved this idea wrong. It was a weirdly mundane dream of the sort I have infrequently. You know the type: very close to reality but skewed maybe 45 degrees. In the dream, I was with my sister and a friend of hers and we were going to do some Karaoke. (You know it was a dream then, I don't think I would ever do Karaoke in real life.) At one point in the dream, I was talking on the phone and was asked what the time was. I looked at the clock; a large white faced clock with black numbers, similar to but different from the one that is currently in my kitchen. I could clearly see it read "5 o'clock." Then, later in the same dream, as we were about to perform the Karaoke, I was handed a sheet of lyrics. It was for a Travis song I was unfamiliar with - the first line read "I am the original origami man." (The entire page was filled with writing but that is the only bit that I remembered upon awaking) In the dream, I read the lyrics and said "I don't know this one. Can't I do Driftwood instead?"
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