February 12, 2004 Damn it all to hell. I think I am coming down with Toast's cold-from-hell. My throat hurts, I'm feverish and am starting to get stuffed up. I thought I was safe, having taken steps to avoid contagion. Bloody hell.
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February 11, 2004 I was just sitting in front of the computer, killing time until I had the energy to get ready for bed and I thought, "I would really like to have a virtual Light Bright." Lo, and behold: there it is. Yay
All it needs are those paper templates which stiffled your creativity and forced you to conform.
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I think the real reason I am studying Japanese is I want to know what the hell they are singing about in things like this.
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February 10, 2004 A frightening thought occurred to me today: in just over 2 months, TBIT and I will be celebrating our 15th (yes, that is our 15th) anniversary. We met & started dating during my first year of university, have lived together for 13ish years in 5 different cities in 4 provinces. Yes, we are still "living in sin" and are quite comfortable with it, thank you. Still, 15 years. That is a long time. Scary.
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February 9, 2004 Some days, it is just a struggle to get out of bed. Today, I turned off the alarm that rang at 7am and reset it for 8:30. At 8:30, I just lay in bed until 9 before I gathered the will to leave the warmth and comfort. Then, I stood in the shower and contemplated calling in sick for work. I didn't eat properly this weekend and that always seems to contribute to my depression. There is obviously a blood sugar/mood connection.

Toast and I (with Rannie) hit J-town and then Sanko and then Magic Pony. I tried to buy a Gloomy Bear keychain but since it is done in the damnable surprise! collector style where you can't see what you are buying until you've bought it and opened the box, I ended up with Eto - a little sheep dressed as a wolf. I knew that would happen! Toast ran back in and bought another for me so I did end up with a white Gloomy Bear. Yay!

For dinner, we ended up at a Vietnamese restaurant on Spadina - one that we had eaten at before but just hadn't been back to for a while. The waitress recognized us and asked if the reason we hadn't been back was we were angry because the last time we were there, Toast's *bun gah* had peanuts in it when he asked there be none. After assuring her that wasn't the case; we just hadn't been downtown a lot , we ordered the usual *bun gah* I was at the point where I was past hungry and could no longer eat if I tried, so I ended up just stirring my food and was in the process of asking Toast if I should just get a doggy bag when I found it: a long black hair amongst my noodles.
I think I will sticking to clear broth soups for a while.
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