June 12, 2004 Liz mentioned this on her page and it is just neat! Nothing like seeing your location down to 100m.
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Today was my last day of Japanese lessons for this term.
I missed it. My back flared up last night so I slept miserably and the idea of sitting at an elementary school sized chair and desk for 3 hours almost made me weep. So I took an anti-inflammatory and crawled into bed with my back heating pad (aka Toast).
This back thing is a nuisance.
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Toast went to the BBQ and Craft Beer fest thingy at the St. Lawrence Market tonight while I was at work. He forgot to bring me home the BBQ ribs he promised. He is a bad boyfriend. :(

addendum: He just came home with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream for me. While it doesn't absolve him of the sin of forgetting the ribs, it puts him back in the "good boyfriend" category
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Funny how the mind works. I can remember every one of my teachers in elementary school (except the art teacher but we only saw him once a week) and all my teachers in Jr. High but I can't for the life of me remember more than 3 of my High School teachers - and two of them I really disliked. See, my mind is trying to distract me from the actual problem I am having.

I am in a conundrum. I really want to vote NDP in the upcoming election but I am too afraid. If I vote NDP and the Liberals lose as many seats as they are expected to, the Conservatives will ooze their way into power. Which, for me, is a very bad thing. So I am thinking of not voting NDP, throwing my vote behind my Liberal rep on the hopes that they muster enough support to stay in power. But all my political leanings are for the NDP not the Liberals - but I don't think this is the election for the NDP - but I tolerate the Liberals in power much more than I can tolerate the C.R.A.Party. What to do, what to do.

If you have any questions about your political leanings, try
1) to determine where you are on the political compass
2)contrasting and comparing where the parties stand on the issues
3)taking a quiz to see which party best suits you
4)whacking the candidates to vent some frustration

Do I follow my heart or my head? Ugh. Every 4 years is too often.
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From the files of "What the Fuck?!" I give you Badgers.
I think the creator of this is the originator of Weebl and Bob. (mmmmm pie.)
The toons on this page are even stranger. I like the special edition of LOTR: The Two Towers but for the cute factor, it has to be Kenya.
My co-worker was singing the badger song all evening, causing me to investigate the webiste and now I have the damned song in my head. I am soooo glad to be able to share it.
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June 10, 2004 You sent it to me so it gets posted, Muffinhead!!!! bwah ha ha ha!!

This is Count Joe from Halifax. I guess there were no templates of hands holding SeaBreezes, huh Joe?
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This morning I had my first session of physiotherapy with traction. An ... interesting experience. A belt with a dangly bit (which dangled below my rump)was strapped around my waist. The dangly bit was attached to a motorized pulley system. I laid on a table, on my back with my knees and ankles raised, resting on a cushioned stool. Then the machine started to pull the strap, causing my pelvis to tilt and stretch. If I just lay there, I felt nothing, but if I did a pelvic tilt along with the machine, the machine would spool in more slack, thus pulling more. It was when I did this I actually felt my back relax and stretch, but the belt was increasingly digging into me the harder the machine pulled. I was glad when my 20 minutes were up because it would have gotten really uncomfortable.
A goofy thing is for years I have told Toast that I wanted to be put in on a rack like in a medieval torture chamber or hung by my ankles, just to get the pressure off my lower back. And that is kind of what this traction thing is.
I hope it helps and helps really really soon. If I have to live with this back pain for a long time, I think I would seriously consider taking a walk off the balcony.
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June 9, 2004 Oh, and just because everybody else is doing it, here are a couple of icons of me with and without glasses. And because it is summer, notice the damn freckles. Yah know, I am thinking that by November I will get rid of my current 2 toned hair and go for the Manic Panic Pillarbox Red I used to love - which is pretty much the hair colour in these icons.
For those of you who don't know, the black kitty is my familiar/baby Balthazar.

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In the last couple of months I have:
a) been horribly ill for about 10 days
b) did something really bad to my back causing me to go on non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and necessitating physiotherapy - they are putting me in traction 2x a week hoping to get things re-aligned.
c) moved
d) been visited by my Mother for almost a week - she tried to teach me how to knit.

Now it is June and everything at work is Election, Election Election. I will be very happy when it is June 29th. I am expected to attend election rehearsals on the Saturday and Sunday - 11am to 5pm and then work an 11 hour day on election Monday. Of course, the week previous, I will be working a normal shift. Nothing like working a 10 day stretch with insane levels of stress.

Boy, it is hot and sticky in here. I think I will take a nice lukewarm shower and go to bed.
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