July 1, 2004 HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Today is July 1st which means Canada is a Cancer.
Typical Cancer traits:
Emotional and loving
Intuitive and imaginative
Shrewd and cautious
Protective and sympathetic

Negative traits:
Changeable and moody
Overemotional and touchy
Clinging and unable to let go

Today's horoscope for Canceriens born today is:
There is a powerful, abrasive force that is urging you to act today, dear Cancer. You will find that someone may be working counter to your aims and trying to rub you the wrong way. Don't let people outwit you. You have just as much right to express your opinion as anyone else. Use the power of your mind to come out on top of any situation. Freedom is a state of mind. Do something that makes you want to dance.

I would also suggest that you cut back on cake consumption today, Canada. You are now 137 years old. Too many carbs tend to go straight to your hips when you're over 30. Wouldn't want you bursting at the borders now, would we?
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June 30, 2004 Well, today is my last day of the 17 straight days of working. I actually have a day off for Canada Day. That is not to say there isn't some poor schmoe covering the shift (for time and a half) because as we all know: there is always news, even if we have to make it up ourselves. Yah know, I worked Christmas Day. That bit.

I have been working in TV news for roughly 14 years now, with some time off for good behaviour. About the only benefit of that I can think of is I got to move around the country and meet some really great people and see friends again. (Of course, I also met some humongous a-holes.) The work is very stressful, even on relatively slow news days. There is always a mad scramble for something at the last possible second so we go to air with the newest, freshest information. And stressful environments breed two types: 1) those who handle stress well and just do the job and 2) those who freakout, scream and throw things. The former category generally are the people in operations, technicians and generally behind the scene types (like my job). The latter category are either the on-air people or those who straddle the line like producers and directors. I have witnessed first class temper tantrums that would astound. Two year olds in the throws of an "I want...! I want..!" fit would be able to take notes. And the worst part? It is considered undesirable but acceptable. Yup. We all just put our heads down and wait for it to blow over. No one, to my knowledge, has even been taken aside for freaking out when trying to get a show to air. IF they are a producer or director or the like. If they were say, an audio op who flipped out, they would be dragged into the Operations Manager's office for a good speaking to and a possible threat of a note going on their file. Ah, TV news. As close as the parody TV shows come, they really don't ever get the scale of the ludicrous and ridiculous quite right.

So I am thinking more and more about leaving TV but I haven't I clue as to how. How does one re-train after all these years? What am I actually interested in doing? I really have to do some soul searching and re-evaluating. I have been complaining for years about TV but will never really have the chance to just walk away - I could not afford that. And with shift work like I have, it is very difficult to pick up courses - there is never a course option of "held every other Thursday evening." Classes do tend to be at least weekly. Ah, what to do. What to do.

Anybody know a guaranteed way to win the lottery - I don't need millions upon millions - just enough to pay my bills and support me for a couple of years while I figure out and then train for a new career path.

I didn't think so.
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June 28, 2004 Today is Election Day in Canada. I am booked for a minimum of a 12 hour day. If the Election is very close, I am there until a winner is called. I hope I am out of there before the morning show crew starts to show up. Wish me luck.
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