July 10, 2004 A little while ago, I read about the North American release of a Japanese horror film called Ju-On (The Grudge). Last night, Toast found and brought home a DVD from Blockbuster that seemed to be the movie. We watched it and were puzzled in that it appeared to be digital video of TV quality, full-screen and not quite the plot I read about.
However, this isn't to say it didn't creep the beejeezus out of us.

In doing a little research I found out the year 2003 feature film Ju-On (The Grudge) and its sequel Ju-On (The Grudge 2) are based on two year 2000 TV or direct to video movies called Ju-On (The Curse) and Ju-On 2. A bit confusing if one it trying to track them down so I suggest going by release dates.

I enjoy most Japanese horror films even if the plot is similar to others I've seen - there isn't much plot variety in North American horror films either. I find Japanese horror film have a much better, creepier atmosphere which Hollywood horror completely lacks - even when they are remaking the Japanese film. (I vastly preferred Ringu to The Ring.) I am not surprised that a Hollywood version of Ju-On is in the works. If I can find the feature film version of Ju-On I will see if it compares favourably to the TV version. Then, I will have to see the Hollywood remake to see how that compares. (I am also looking for the orginal version of Dark Water by Nakata Hideo before the Hollywood version comes out.)

Do I recommend seeing this direct to video/TV movie - yes, if you are patient and intelligent to follow the plot. It has four seemingly disparate chapters, is slow, and there is no overt violence - just a slowly building sense of disquiet, of things being not quite right before the real creeps happen.
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July 9, 2004 They are in the process of making the Elektra movie. I imagine it will be at least as lame duck as Daredevil was because it would be difficult to be any worse. But she is wearing a red costume now.

...The special effects budget for this movie must be HUGE!! I mean, Jennifer Garner appears to have breasts in that pic.
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They have been working on the balconies and window sills of my building since June 3rd. They were supposed to repair any crumbling masonry, concrete - whatever. After about 3 weeks of this, I asked the super when it would be over and was told "Oh, they aren't just repairing the balconies and window sills now. They are going to pressure wash them then repaint and wash the other windows while they are at it. It should take another few weeks." Another few weeks.
We were asked to remove everything from the balconies - our bikes now take up a lot of space in the living room. We were asked not to use the balcony when the scaffolding was either above or below the balcony which is interesting in that there are only two options as two where the scaffolding can be in relation to the balcony - above or below.
They tend to start work around 7:30am - 8:00am. Nothing quite like walking up to the sound of a compression hammer vibrating the whole fuckin' building. Then, after about an hour, it stops and they are gone. EXCEPT for the day when I was exhausted and trying to get some extra rest before starting the late shift - then it went on forever! I also forgot to close a window once but they kindly worked on that window sill anyway, filling my apartment with gritty, grey concrete dust which I still haven't managed to get off of everything.
Last night, the super called to tell us to make sure the windows were closed because our balcony and windows would be done by noon today. I got home a few minutes ago and took a look. My windows are not washed. My balcony is neither washed nor painted. In fact, my balcony seems to be covered in a sludgy mud made of the dirt and concrete dust mixed with water from cleaning the balconies above it. Before, our balcony was merely dusty with splotchy peeling paint. Unattractive yes, but usable. Now, with what is supposed to be the nicest weekend of this lame summer approaching, my balcony is completely disgusting.
I assume they will be back on Monday to work on our balcony. I am sure it will take hours and hours and they will have to use the compression hammer and some type of rumbly pump to power the hose to spray down things. Why am I so sure? Because I will be working nights and will need to sleep in later than 7:30am.


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Gee, I guess it is possible to be worth more dead than alive...

Diamonds (and Grandma) are forever.
These diamonds were a girl's best friend.
My husband was always the "diamond in the rough" type, so now...

Man, the morbid bad joke possibilities are endless.
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July 8, 2004

Actually, Rizzo is a lot smarter than "Dubya."

Stolen from Phenotypes
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Techno Rap Breakdancing Transformers.
'Nuff Said.
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July 7, 2004 If I had about a spare, say, $1500 lying around, I would love to get Balthazar & Tigger one of these. It seems to be big and heavy enough that they wouldn't tip it over on top of themselves and it is just so whimisical looking.
Of course, I would also need a larger apartment to put the thing in.

Oi, could you imagine actually buying one?
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July 5, 2004 Okay, this should suffice to quash all those "need to look at cute kitties" moments anyone might experience in the near future...and beyond.
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The weekend is over and the new week has begun. And I feel like last week was a couple of months ago and the weekend was weeks ago. It's really bad that on a Monday, I am thinking about Saturday. Part of the problem has to be that split week thingy - with a holiday tucked on not quite at the end. A day off midweek is a shock to the system, especially when you have to crawl into work for one more day.

The weekend went by way, way to fast. Saturday was spent shopping. Managed to find a couple of shorts and summer-y pants for more than I wanted to spend and less than I expected to. Eglinton Town Centre (I think that is what it's called) superbox outlet stores rock for sales. Got a pair of summer cargo style pants - regular price $90 - for $10 at the Tristan & America store. Love that place for sales. Toast bought hisself a nice jacket there last fall for a similar ridiculous markdown.

I still hate shopping tho.
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