July 24, 2004 Three relevations this week:

1) I want to sell my soul as I can't seem to determine its exact location or purpose. So rather than carrying it around all the time like a spare set of keys in my pocket or like all those CD's on my shelves I never listen to anymore, I will get rid of it. 
Details about my soul: Early 30's, white female, lapsed Roman Catholic.  Don't know what is actually does so I can't say if it is used much. 
This is a private sale and will not be posted on ebay.  Serious inquiries only please.

2) I love Inuyasha* because he is a cute Japanese boy version of a Terri Windling line drawing of the Native American god Coyote that I saw and loved a long time ago.  I have always enjoyed Coyote stories because he is makes me laugh and is a total horndog - like Toast.
*note, I love Inuyasha but hate Inuyasha fans, fanfic and fanart.
3) Having seen Clive Owen as King Arthur last night, I determined I would be willing to follow him anywhere as my leader but would most likely get arrested due to anti-stalking laws.
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