July 26, 2004 Yay!!!  Less than 2 days and The Count will be in town! 

Yay! we get to see The Count for longer than 24 hours.  Yay! his visiting means I am taking a few days off so I won't be on the night shift for as long as I am usually scheduled.
Yay! his plane arrives at 8am meaning we have to leave the apartment around 6am to be at the airport to greet him.  (Okay, that is just me whining.  The Count said we didn't have to go to the airport to greet him but I want to, but I am not a big enough person to get up at 5am without lots of whining.)
I am at work.  I am bored and I have only been here 3 hours, meaning I have 5 hours to go.   I also shan't have any work to do until roughly 10pm.  I hate the night shift.
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Live action Transfomers movie?! 
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