August 3, 2004 Remember when I mentioned I hate the night shift? Well, I was wrong. I don't hate the night shift. The night shift is boring but relatively painless. What I have discovered I actually hate is the morning shift. Anything that causes you to crawl out of bed at 4am isn't a good thing.
The strange bird quit in a rather dramatic fashion last week causing all of us to have our schedules re-jigged. Since I am senior op, I get the fun job of training the newbie, who (fortunately) isn't a strange bird. I should have her running the show by Thursday, meaning I can crawl off somewhere and nap. Yay.

The Count was here and now he is gone. We are sad. Toast and he were as giddy as school girls the whole time. It was so nice to just sit on the balcony and talk about inconsequential things and laugh. Mano has mentioned a get together for Oscar season which I am all for. I believe viewing massive amounts of MST3K will be a must.

I think I am delusional now. I go nap so I can at least try to carry on a conversion with Toast when he gets home.
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