August 19, 2004 snicker snicker *chortle* snicker
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August 18, 2004 I recently lent our copy of Donnie Darko to a friend at work. Then today, I remembered Domo Darko. It actually isn't as bizarre if you know who Domokun is - but that is not to say the merging of the two isn't strange.

The other co-worker I lent it to has yet to watch it, but then he just installed his dvd player after having it only 18ish months. Nice for a guy who works in tv, ne?
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This just scares me...
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August 15, 2004 Had a very nice weekend. On Saturday, Toast and I wandered around downtown for a little while before meeting Josie & Gary at Saigon Sister for dinner. Saigon Sister is a nice little restaurant where the decor isn't dictating the prices - they are very reasonable, not what you would expect from such stylish architecture and its location. I once again, had the hainamese (sp?) chicken in a clay pot and the wonderful house ice tea. Ice tea with fruit juice is never wrong - speaking of which, I am addicted to Starbucks' black tea lemonade (unsweetened, tart & tasty!). I will miss it when it is gone for the season.

After dinner, Toast & I walked up Yonge, back to Eglinton. Yup, all the way from Bloor. It was such a pleasant, mild evening; we walked slowly and peered into window and remarked how many storefronts seemed completely different than we remembered.

We also did some rough calculations - on Yonge Street, the distance between each Starbucks can be measured by the amount of time it takes to drink a grande chai latte (hot) or a vendi black tea lemonade (cold) while walking. We have tested it from Queen St. to Lawrence Ave. Next I will test it along Queen, from Yonge to Bathurst.

Today, we went to a street party my co-worker was hosting in the Beaches. Her kids' bands provided the musical entertainment and, unlike you would expect from a couple high school garage bands, they didn't suck. They also had the best audio mix I have heard in a long time - a benefit of having your dad being a sound recorder/mixer. They actually recorded the sets and burnt cd's and sold them for $10 - half of the money raised to be donated to Doctors without Borders. While talking to another co-worker, we found out he had recently visited and photographed The Secret Swing as a result of his lurking on Toast's page.

We lit out of the street party early so Toast could take advantage of a sale at Black's to (finally) buy himself a decent digital camera. Then, we were off the the GTA Blogger picnic. Fortunately, I didn't have to show up empty handed as I had baked cookies for the street party and had more than enough to share at both events. We were very late but there was a nice, intimate-sized group there. The most amusing/cute part was Maria's reaction to being informed that "That guy is Thisboyistoast." Her exuberance was delightful but if any more women act like that, he will become impossible to live with. I think I horrified Rory with tales of my days at the Ottawa TV station he grew up watching. Kelly (the other Marmalade) showed up later. She is so dedicated to her running, she almost makes me feel sorry for not taking it up this spring. But with the state my back was and is in, it was good idea to shelf for another time.

With the autumn rapidly approaching, I am getting into my "Oh my Gowd, where did the summer go?" frantic mental state. I do it every year and every year I never really do anything about it. At least this year I can say I went to the Beaches, had a picnic in a park, tried (and never will try again - the crowds!!!) Taste of the Danforth, and walked the Don Valley trail. And that was just the last 2 weekends. Whatever will I do next weekend?
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