September 4, 2004 My life has pretty much been about work for the past week. Nothing truly interesting has been happening to me.
On the other hand our Geekent has proposed to our Strange Little Girl. By the look on her face in the photos, I think she just might be happy. Too cute by far.
(The green lantern ring would make Mukey drool, as he is the biggest Green Lantern fan I have ever heard of.)

Back to my world.

While sitting with couple of co-workers in a quiet time before the mad rush, we were not actually watching but had on The Young and the Useless. During a lull in our conversation we actually heard a character (Nick? the guy married to the chick who always seems to be crying - Sharon?) say "Your kisses are like potato chips, I can't have just one." Whoa! Give that writer an emmy for the hoakiest line ever!

Thanks to a co-worker I got to play with bubble wrap at work. Bubble wrap is great stuff. If you are ever stressed, just sitting there popping those plasticky bubbles is strangly soothing. For more uses for bubble wrap than stress release and actually packing things, there is this.
I popped the hell out of it for about 20 minutes leading to a discussion of playing with cardboard boxes as a child. Carboard boxes would entertain me and my siblings at least until the next rain. Stove or fridge boxes were best because they were just so much bigger but a tv box or really large moving boxes would do. We used to decorate the boxes with markers but you couldn't get too specific with the markers. If you drew headlights and doors to make it a car, say, then it would be locked into that shape and you couldn't use that box as a pirate ship or fort later. At work the conversation then morphed into a discussion of SpongeBob SquarePants. Nothing like a good mature conversation at work, ne?
The co-worker who gave me the bubble wrap also was a huge Far Side fan. We spent one evening yelling favourite captions back and forth. "When potato salad goes bad." Heh.

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