September 10, 2004 I just had my first ever acupunture session...


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September 8, 2004 Yay!!! Japanese school starts this Saturday!! I wonder who my new sensei will be?
Oooh, I can't wait! Yeah, I am that giddy/excited about it. I get into this fall state of mind where I really want to learn. I supposed I have been conditioned.

Anybody want a Gmail invite? Those things breed like rabbits.

The air lately has that back-to-school hint of frost which has been really, really wanting to make a pumpkin pie. But pumpkins aren't ripe yet. :(

Have been listening to the newest Teagan & Sara - I love this album. My fave tracks are "You Wouldn't Like Me" and "Speak Slow."

Have been reading "Hairstyles of the Damned." Amusing but not staggeringly insightful. It is kind of a "High Fidelity" for the high school set.

Watched Vol. 1 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Can't wait to see Vol. 2 which is to be released at the end of the month. The opening credits has this strange song, sung in Russian I think, which I really like. I wonder if they only wrote enough for the opening credits or is there a complete track somewhere?
I want to see the new feature film Ghost in the Shell: Innocence in Japan (?) which will be premiering at the TIFF during Midnight Madness.

I have been called into work early today so I guess I should get showered, dressed etc. This makes two days in a row. I think they are trying to squeeze every last ounce of work out of me before my vacation.
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September 5, 2004 I wanna
write a book
speak a second and third language
laugh so hard my side hurts and my eyes tear up
learn a martial art
go horseback riding
camp by the ocean
bake a gooey chocolate cake and give it away
sing in a rock'n'roll band
dye my hair candy apple red
read an amazing book
have a brillant conversation
be photographed for a magazine
discover some long lost secret
take a bubble bath in a tub the size of my current bathroom
climb Mt. Fuji
dance under the stars on a beach
catch fireflies

but all I can do right now is go to bed and dream about doing any of the above
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