October 9, 2004 This year it has been decided that I will not be cooking a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. I love cooking for a crowd, making as much yummy food as I can to make sure everyone who is present has eaten 'til their eyes are ready to pop. This year it is just Toast and I for Thanksgiving so really, the food will just go to waste before we could possibly eat it all.
On Sunday, we are going to my brother's place for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I suppose I could have offered to cook and hold it at our place but the last time my niece and nephew were over, they very quickly became bored and wanted to go home. Our apartment just isn't little kid friendly/entertaining.
On Monday, I am cooking a small turkey breast with roasted potatoes and some other veggies and cornbread. About the only thing I will really be making is pumpkin pie.
I am kind of disappointed. Nothing is more fun than gathering a fellow bunch of "orphans" to have a meal together and get turkey-induced goofiness together. But I am around fewer "orphans" these days. The last time we had a gang together for a Thanksgiving feast was when Mukey and The Count came to Montreal - that was what? 4-5 years ago? We have got to do that again...
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October 5, 2004 I went in to work yesterday. The result is that today I am off sick.
I spent all day yesterday wrapped in my coat trying to get warm. The thermostat at work is set at the optimal temperature for all the equipment. This temperature, for humans, is the equivalent of "Antarctic Blizzard." A frequently said expression at work is: "You could hang meat in here." The other temperature problem is drafts. I sit in the back row of the control room. There are two doors into the control room; one to my left, one to my right. The studio is just outside with thousands of candles of lights - which need a lot of cooling.
Thus, very cold air + open door = very bad draft for those of us in the back row. Now, compound this problem with a very obese person in the front row who is always too warm. He will not let me close the door. My hands are usually cold but yesterday, my bones ached.
By the time I got home yesterday I was so cold I could have cried. I curled up on the sofa with a blanket and shivered for about an hour. I tried to warm myself up with a nice hot bath but modern bathtubs are not made for relaxing and soaking. I miss my old clawfoot tub with the angled back where I could lie back and relax and soak for hours. Modern bathtubs with their straight backs cut into the back of your head and give you a crick in your neck if you lean back, even if you are using a bath pillow.
This morning I woke up with a burning throat and headache. I can't get my feet warm. I'm wrapped in a blanket drinking soup.
Toast gave me this but work is trying to kill me.
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October 3, 2004 I feel horrible.
My throat hurts and my head aches.
I am cranky and angry for no other reason than I feel terrible.
I blame Toast.
It is all his fault.
He has given me his nasty cold.
evil evil man.
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