October 17, 2004 I am revolted, disgusted and appalled. I thought Morgan Webb was cool - an intelligent female who knows about computers and games who wasn't totally socially unacceptable and, yeah, she's cute. Now, I found out she has posed for a cheesy spread in FHM. Oh please. She now has nil credibility with me. She has dropped out of the world of "cool" and is now just another stupid bim. I now will look at her with the same disdain I have for Paris Hilton and can never watch X-play again. Geez girl, what the hell were you thinking?

*Note - In the original rant I was going to post, the words "bitch," "stupid," "cow," and "fucking idiot" were going to be used. But I decided to be nice.
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Yo, Pracha!
Saw this and thought of you. >:P

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