October 28, 2004 Hobbits once walked the earth...in Indonesia?
This is so weird.
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October 24, 2004 My Mum called to tell me my elementary school best friend became a Mommy for the first time this morning - 9lb 6oz boy to be named Connor. That is nice for her but it now means months of hell for me. Things have been quiet on the baby front for a while which means I have had some peace. Now, with this new squalling bundle of joy, I am going to get the question every time my Mum calls. "So when are you and D. going have kids?" I hate that one. I can ignore the "So when are you getting married?" question 'cause it's been 15 years of her asking it but the kid thing only started about 7 years ago and only flares up when a relative my age squeezes out a puppy. And people, especially parental units, don't seem to understand that I find asking me about my reproduction proclivities exceedingly rude. Keep your damn nose out of my ovaries, thank you. Bursting into tears and saying I'm infertile doesn't work because she would just suggest we adopt like my cousin and his partner did.
I suppose I should go buy a baby gift and mail it off. What is the etiquette for new babies of former close friends who are now a source of torture for you?
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