October 31, 2004 Happy Halloween.

I honour of the day, one of my ghost experiences.
As a background note: I grew up in the 70s in a neighbourhood with a lot of cats, both wandering owned pets and strays. If you left a door or a window open, one or the other would walk in and start eating any pet food left out. It wasn't a strange occurrence to walk downstairs in the morning and find a strange cat sitting on the sofa, acting like it owned the place

When I was a kid, we had a 2 white Turkish Angora-ish cats called (originally enough) Snowball and Misty, Snowball being the mother of Misty. Snowball was stolen off the front porch one night leaving us with only Misty who, while a beautiful cat, was not quite her mother. A few years went by and Misty died, and one could assume Snowball did too. .
It was when I was about 14 that I noticed something odd for the first time. As I was standing at the sink in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, I saw what I thought a white cat walk up the stairs into the hall leading to the bathroom and turn right into what was my bedroom. I did see it out of the corner of my eye, as the movement attracted my attention and by the time I turned my head, the movement had gone into my room. I thought: stray cat got in the house. Will have to go get it out. I walked into my room and searched but couldn't find a cat. I just filed it under "Weird." A couple of weeks later, it happened again. When it happened a third time, I mentioned to my sister I keep seeing a white cat walk up the stairs and walk into my bedroom whenever I was standing at the end of the hall. She looked at me strangely and said "Did you look in your room and not find it?" "Yeah" "Uhm, I have been seeing the same cat for a while now." We just looked at each other and didn't mention it again. Then my brother mentioned it a while later. I was walking to my room and he was leaving his room at the end of the hall and said "I was going into my room and I thought I saw a white cat walk into your room. You should look to see if a stray got in." I just agreed and went into my room. Years later, he did mention that he saw the cat walk into my room a number of times but didn't want to tell me because he thought it would frighten me. I was never frightened. If was Misty or Snowball, I loved those cats and didn't mind either of them visiting.

I wonder if I were to go home and stand at the end of the hall, would I see it again?
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