November 15, 2004
On Saturday, David, myself, Pracha, Gary & Josie had a conversation about stupid people encountered on elevators. I just had two such experiences, one immediately after the other.

On elevator, going down to basement to do laundry. Elevator opens on ground floor.
Me: to man getting on elevator on ground floor
"It's going to the basement," indicating laundry basket full of clothes.
Man nods and gets on elevator. Elevator starts to move down, Man notices said movement.
Man: seemingly startled
"It's going down?"
Me: "The basement is down, yes."

Minutes later, leaving laundry room in basement, waiting for elevator. Elevator arrives with person on it.
Person: "Going Up?"
Me: slowly "Yeess"

Twice!! In 5 minutes!!
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I just got an nice early birthday greeting from a friend I haven't heard from in a while. Charles always sends me a note a day early. Nothing like reading an email that makes you smile when you have just crawled out of bed. Every year he sends me a little birthday greeting and at Christmas I get one of his legendary chapbooks. Yay me!! or should that be "Yay, Charles!"

Now I have to clean the bathroom, do laundry, buy groceries and clean the catbox. Hopefully when that is all done, tomorrow (my actual birthday) will be spent doing something I enjoy.

Note: P, "Love, Hina" is kinda...hentai.
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