December 4, 2004 Attended the GTA Blogger Christmas party last night. Can't really say I was there as I have been spending so much time in my own head lately that I don't think I participated as much as I should have or wanted to.

Then, there is the shame of having been told that, although I rushed home from work and baked cookies to bring to the event, I made and brought THE WRONG COOKIES.
*hangs head in shame*
I guess I will have to bake them and hand them out to friends and acquaintances I meet during the X-mas season.
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December 3, 2004 Damn, I think I'm coming down with a cold...
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December 2, 2004 For those of you who like potty humour, I give you a Christmas carol.
(why do I think the biggest fan of this will be wNoodle?)

Mano found it and posted it on his site in memory of the Christmas gift we sent him last year.
Too bad this motion activated wreath is sold out, or I might be tempted to buy it for him this year.

Don't worry Mukey, we will actually mail your present out this year, along with the one from last year (which is gathering dust in Toast's office.) If we don't, you have permission to come to Toronto to kick our butts. Hell, come to Toronto and collect your present yourself. ;^)
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This very nifty Citroen add keeps popping up on people's sites.
In watching it, all I can think is "Cool, a live action Transformers movie might just rock!"
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December 1, 2004 I was able to swap shifts with my co-worker so I can attend the GTA Blogger X-mas party. Yay.
However, due to my schedule, it looks like I won't be able to bake anything to bring to said party. Sorry...
TBIT will have to handle our end of the potluck.
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Yo, Mano

I guess we shouldn't get you this for Christmas, huh?
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November 30, 2004 Whooo Hooo!!!
I gave $20 to a co-worker to play on slots for me while he was visiting Las Vegas. Today, he handed me back $140 !!
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