December 11, 2004 It is snowing outside and I am cozy in the apartment listening to Leon Redbone singing Christmas songs.

Christmas just isn't Christmas without ukuleles, damn it.
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December 10, 2004 The last 2 days at work have been piss poor.
Usually, I can put up with the foibles of my co-workers. The last 2 days I have wanted to beat them to death with a chair and watch the blood pool around their bodies as they lay on the floor. One co-worker in particular was annoying me so much that I could barely speak to him without screaming "Will you just FUCKIN' SHADDUP!! The reason you have so much work is because you volunteer to do it in order to feel important. AND they expect you to spoon feed them because you have always spoon fed them in the past, you dumb ass!!! Get off the FUCKIN' CROSS!! Use the wood to build a bridge and GET fuckin' OVER YOURSELF!!!"
Yes, Simon. It is exactly who you think it is.
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December 6, 2004 Wow!
Davezilla posted horoscopes today. My horoscope is scorpio.
Except for the fact the neighbour's dogs are daschunds and not poodles, it is the most accurate horoscope I've ever read....
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