January 24, 2005 Okay, I am finally posting...
Please, please stop the emails and phone calls demanding to know where I am and what have I been doing other than posting.
Uh huh.

I haven't actually meant to take a break from posting. I had several posts in the draft folder. I just didn't get around to finishing or posting them. So I deleted them. They were good too. They would have rocked!! Amazing writing! Hilarious stories. Profound insight into the human psyche!! All brilliant stuff, all gone now because they were dated. Blog posts are like flowers, they must be fresh or they are compost.

Back in the real world, I am at work and am bored. I am wondering how the news department would cover a giant monster rampaging in downtown Toronto. What would their angle be and which lucky reporter would be sent out to do a live report? I am sure I know which reporter most of the crew would "volunteer" to sent out but I would feel sorry the cameraman. Would the crew be so callous as to lay bets on whether the reporter makes it back to the station? If it is our "favourite" reporter, probably... How many blocks would the CN Tower take out if the monster was able to knock it down? Would the monster even bother with it or head instead to do Eaton Centre with that lovely glass atrium style? Skydome, since the roof is closed, would probably crack like a big ol' egg. Could a monster climb the CN Tower? (Assuming it could climb) Why would it want to? If you were aleady 40 stories tall, would the view from the top at all interesting?
If the monster were rampaging in say, Tokyo, I know we would immediately do a story like "Monster Destroys Tokyo, Could It Happen Here?!" Being inland saved us from covering that angle when the Tsunami hit Southeast Asia but I am sure it was bounced around during the morning meeting.

Man, I need another job.

BTW: wNoodle, a different take on office ninja...
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