March 4, 2005 Day whatever

Still in my pajamas (fresh pair)
Thought I was feeling better last night
Today, back to feeling absolutely miserable
How does one get a doctor's note to explain missing work when one is too ill to go see a doctor? walking the length of the apartment is exhausting, walking the couple of blocks to the doctor's is right out. Will have to see the doctor when I am better and try and convince him at I really was sick.


I am going back to bed now·  2:46 PM : 1 comment
March 2, 2005 Sitting in my apartment in my pajamas. It looks like Rob from Alberta left me with a parting gift of A/California flu. His wife developed it the day he arrived, and it's now a week later - that sounds about right for some lovely germ incubation. I'm okay if I don't move, but if I do, the nausea and a splitting headache hits. It hit yesterday afternoon. I thought I was just getting motion sick from being on the subway so long, going and returning from the airport, but by the time I caught my final bus home, I was mentally hurrying the driver, praying I wouldn't barf on the bus. That would be nice for all transit riders.
Love ya Rob, am really happy you visited but next time, no parting gifts, 'kay?

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