April 30, 2005 Yesterday, I woke up singing. I arrived a work in an impossible to maintain good mood and was chatting with a co-worker about it. The words came out of my mouth before I had realized they were the truth of the matter: "The sun is shining and for the first time in a week, I don't have a headache." The weather was lovely for a couple of days last week, then it turned bad: cold, rainy, windy but occassional sunny breaks. The barometer was going up and down faster than Paris Hilton's panties. I was constantly on the verge of a migraine but was able to beat it down to just a continuous bad headache. So Friday, with a nice high pressure system, all the pain went a way. But I had a week's worth of endorphins in my blood system with no pain to fight. Oh, I was giddy. I was more bouncy than a cat on a hot plate. It was frightening.
Today is overcast and looks like it might rain. I am back to having a headache so I am back to normal...·  1:12 PM : comments back soon

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