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Look and Learn, Marvel.

I just might have to read the series to support the changes.
This is what Supergirl or as I have been referring to her, SuperBimbo, has been looking like lately.

She is now getting fed regularly and allowed to become an actual teenager.

Why do I love this new look so much? She looks like a girl I could be friends with. Her hair is a bit too long to be stylish. Her cloths are not skin tight and too short. Her boots are not high heels and look like the superhero equivalent of Uggs. I think the longer than average cape shows some insecurity, like she's trying to be tough but she's worried about doing things right or maybe she just think she has a big butt. Her anatomy looks human. She looks like an actual person and not some pervert's fantasy of a 17 year old.

The new writer is Tony Bedard. While some people are faulting him already for not knowing every nuance of the Supergirl story, I think he might breathe new life into the character by not being trapped by dogma. And he seems aware and not interested in the sexualization of a teenaged girl character.

"One nice thing is that I am relatively unburdened by knowledge of previous Supergirls. Yeah, I read some of their previous appearances, but I never did figure out what the deal was with the girl/matrix/angel thing or anything like that. I'm just sticking to the basics: Kara is from Krypton, she's insanely powerful, but she wants to be good. I also happen to think she needs to eat a sandwich and cover up a bit, but then I'm a father."

Bedard is working with artists Renato Guedes and Jose Wilson. Of Renato, Bedard says:
"This guy is brilliant! I saw some character studies he did of Supergirl, and they're brilliant. Now, if I was 17 and ruled by hormones, the zero-bodyfat, nearly-naked Supergirl would probably be my fave. But Renato's take is much more like a living, breathing person, which makes her all the more endearing and fascinating"

DC Comic, keep this up and I'll become a raving DC girl. Marvel comics, look and learn.

The rest of the interview is here along with more great sketches.

Posted by Marmy on May 31, 2007 05:26 PM