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Mah Feets Hurt

I'm working in retail right now. Just a part-time job to fill the hours and my wallet until school begins in the fall. I really enjoy the shop I'm in - a cook's store. It sells quality (i.e. pricey) pots, pans, knives and tableware but also just about every nifty kitchen gadget there is, along with a nice selection of baking stuff. I'm learning about things I don't know or use but my own kitchen knowledge does surprise me. When the store is empty, I get to browse the cookbooks. So far, I've had nothing but nice customers with the exception of one cranky lady yesterday but she left quickly. The only problem I am having is with the standing. After years and years and years of a desk job, standing for hours is a challenge. After a couple of hours, my feet hurt and then my lower back. When I get home, I just want to have my feet rubbed but TBIT is not obliging.

Posted by Marmy on June 4, 2007 02:29 PM


buy me a lotion that is strong enough to combat steeeeenky retail feets and i will :)

Posted by: tbit at June 4, 2007 04:18 PM

I sympathize with the feets soreness due to retail, it'll take a while to toughen up those standing up bodyparts - think of it as practice for when you start life as a baking pro. Hope you have comfy shoes and maybe you'll want to start gellin'!

Posted by: Turbo at June 4, 2007 07:56 PM

Your best bets to combat the sore feet/achy back are some nice work shoes with thick rubber soles to cushion impact, and nice, thick socks to go with them. Not ideal for summer wear, to be sure, but as long as the store is air conditioned, you should be good.

Oh, and those foot massagers you put water in that vibrate -- about $20 and worth every penny when you're on your feet all day.

Posted by: Ceri at June 5, 2007 12:53 PM