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You Humans Make Me Soooooo Angry

The comic sites on the web are splitting into little camps regarding the porn statue of Mary Jane: barefoot, bum in the air, ass cheek rip in jean, pearl necklace wearing (is that a double entendre?), breast falling out of tiny tee, waist smaller than neck, doing Spidey's laundry. Some are calling it misogynistic, another example of how the comic book industry wants to alien women: to some it is misogynistic but reflecting the narrow minded stupidity of the comic book industry not recoginizing there is a female audience who actually reads comics rather than trying to drive them away (my opinion); to some, "It's HOTT!!! Oooh Mama. Daddy LIKE!"; to others, it is just a cute fun representation of an imaginary figure so what's the harm?; others are seeing it a statement of America. "You hate the statue, you are letting the terrorists win!"; there is the camp that says "Let Porn LIVE". It is just a statue. Nobody is getting hurt; and there is the camp that says "Being angry over a statue is stupid. Real women are dying in Afghanistan!"

My opinion: the statue is stupid, pathetic and utterly objectifying of women. It should never have been given the green light to be made. The person responsible should be fired but will instead get promoted because there is no such thing as bad publicity. The comic book industry en masse needs to be beaten with a large heavy object, given sensitivity training regarding women and then have to run everything past a panel of women made up of their mothers, sister and wives/girlfriends, before they are allowed to publish or green light anything. And then they should be beaten with a large, heavy object. Anyone who says "It's just fun" or "It's harmless" or "You just hate sex" is in idiot who should be sterilized and lobotomized, taking away even their tiny chance of reproducing. Real women are suffering in the world. We have to help them but we can't let things like this get away from us in our own backyard.

This thing has me so pissed off that I want to put my fist through the computer screen every time that loathsome thing appears. I thought the Big Barda coat rack statue was infuriating. Little did I know it was the start of a revolting trend. Because of the fervour around this statue, it is now sold out. Bought by neolithic cretins who think they are scoring points against feminists who actually want them to think with their brains and not their dicks. They dropped over $100 US to buy it thus legitimizing its creation by the comic book industry. A vicious circle has been made.
Comic book industry: Women are really fucking tired of this type of shit. If you thought about it more, you would realize that the women of the world are huge market. Instead of pissing us off by doing things like this, you should be thinking of ways of getting us to be fangirls so we are willing to drop over $100 on something. Instead, I have decided I will never ever buy anything for myself, my boyfriend, or my male friends from Sideshow collectibles, ever.

Posted by Marmy on May 15, 2007 04:20 PM